Saturday, May 06, 2006

End of the week

Just two silent penultimate panels today, and one maybe:

Cathy by Cathy Guisewhite
The Meaning of Lila by John Forgetta and L.A. Rose

Does Baby Blues count? I decided no, because it's not a silent reaction. But, then again, it's not essential action. The strip would work just fine without it. I give it a pass today.

For the statistical minded, we have a three way tie for most SPPs this week with two each:
Non Sequitur
Pooch Cafe
The Meaning of Lila.

Add Baby Blues to that list if you count today's.

Full length update tomorrow.


Blogger Charles Brubaker said...

Don't forget "Drabble", which has a SPP in the LAST panel!

7:56 PM  
Anonymous meep said...

Um, CB, I would recommend looking up the word "penultimate" in a dictionary. Or starting the Silent Ultimate Panel Watch blog yourself.

But SUPs don't occur as frequently as SPPs. At least, in the comics I read.

2:43 AM  
Anonymous Ugliness Man said...

SUPs are indeed rare, but "SUP" is easier to say than "SPP", which usually results in a bit of saliva.

4:49 AM  
Blogger Charles Brubaker said...

Okay, you're right that it's not a penultimate panel, but it was pretty unnecessary.

I'm still curious why Fagan split the last panel into two. It could've worked as one long 2nd panel anyway.

1:23 AM  

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