Sunday, April 30, 2006

That special Sunday

Three silent penultimate panels this Sunday.

Dilbert by Scott Adams
Overboard by Chip Dunham
Monty by Jim Meddick

While Dilbert has appeared on the watch several times, it has only been on Sundays. Scott Adams has yet to have a daily entry here. Interesting.

Last Sunday I complained about three-panel (and less) Sunday strips. Here is just a short list of today's strips that don't take advantage of being on Sunday:
Get Fuzzy
Pooch Cafe
La Cucuracha
And I'm sure there are more.

In defense of Peach Fuzz:

I've seen a lot of complaints about the new Sunday-only strip Peach Fuzz. It's re-packaged manga. It's in black and white. It's sort of incomprehensible to any one over fifteen. Yes, that's all true.

But another thing that comic strip fans always complain about is how stagnant and stale the comics page is. There are too many strips by dead people. The contents of the comics page is dictated cranky octogenarians. The comics are not developing young audiences. And that's all true, too.

So, here we have Peach Fuzz. It's created by young and living artists, eighty year olds have no chance of understanding it, and kids love this stuff. (If you've ever had to step over all the ten year olds sitting on the floor in the manga section at Borders, you know how popular this crap is.) So, you've got what you wanted on the comics page. And what do you do? You complain about it. The thirty-something complaining about Peach Fuzz is just like the seventy-something complaining about Pearls Before Swine. He doesn't get it, therefore he hates it. If the comics page ever becomes as diverse as we'd like it to be, we're not going to like everything. I applaud the newspapers that have decided to carry Peach Fuzz. Things like this are just what we need to the comics page relevant and vibrant.

Sorry for the lecture. Tomorrow, I'll be less cranky.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gees, is Monday's "Beetle Bailey" the holy grail of silent penultimate panels, or what?

12:14 AM  
Blogger The Matt said...

Well, I'm one who thinks "Peach Fuzz" is crap. Why? Because it's space on the Sunday page is huge. Compared to other comics, I guess the Comics Editor thought Bill Watterson drew it and needed the space.

Oh, and it's about a ferret or something that thinks it's a princess. There are better manga out there than that.


9:23 AM  
Anonymous Josh said...

Check out today's (Monday's) Baby Blues. I would argue that it's a strip that lacks a silent penultimate panel but would be improved by one.


10:04 AM  

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