Sunday, July 02, 2006

Only one on a Sunday

It's Sunday and there's only one. And I think I'm cheating a little here:

Brewster Rockit, Space Guy by Tim Rickard

Monty comes close with a silent ante-para-penultimate panel. But it doesn't count here, and I think it's actually pretty funny.

Dilbert is interesting today, squeezing in about three different punchlines into one strip--1) the awkward hug, 2) the explanation of Amber Dextrous' name and 3) "human resources would like to see you after the meeting. In an age where Sunday strips get away with only one panel and half a gag, Scott Adams packs in the jokes.

I know a lot of you don't think too much of Dilbert, but it remains one of the most consistent and relevant strips around. Complain all you want about the art, but you can't say it's not funny.


Anonymous Ferrick said...

If the only complaint from folks about Dilbert is the artwork, they need to get over it. There are much worse comics out there artistically that have been going on for at least as long and those aren't nearly as funny or consistent. Do I need to bring up my loathing for Overboard again?

The simple style in Dilbert goes a long way. Adams doesn't try to do complicated art that looks shoddy. I've actually been surprised by some of the stuff he has pulled off. And think about the setting. Cubicles in an office. It is supposed to be pretty simple and mundane.

And no, I'm not defending Dilbert because I've met Scott Adams a couple of times. He won't return my calls anyway.

10:32 PM  

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