Monday, August 21, 2006


Two silent penultimate panels today:
Adam @ Home by Brian Bassett
Cow and Boy by Mark Leiknes

Today's Non Sequitur isn't that funny. The gag is a stretch and it suffers from Mallard Fillmore syndrome--the reference-to-something-everyone-payed-attention-to-for-five-minutes-three -weeks-ago-but-have-entirely-moved-on-from-since:

You can't quite see it here, and in the newspaper it was only barely legible, but at the bottom of the Mel Gibson eye chart it says "what the !*@! are you looking at, sugar tits." As far as I know, this is the first time "sugar tits" has been seen in the daily comics. Did anyone with a paper other than the L.A. Times see a different version? I think Miller may have snuck sugar-tits in under the nose of every features editor in the country.


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