Saturday, August 12, 2006

It's April in August

Three silent penultimate panels today--and all from the old guard.

Blondie under the direction of Dean Young
Garfiled by PAWS, INC.
Momma by Mel Lazarus

What is amazing is that out of these three strips, Blondie is the one with the most freshness and humor.

Just as I watch the daily comics for cliches and needless repetition, I try to keep an eye on myself for the same. So I've tried to lay off Mallard Fillmore for a week. And I almost made it.

Wait, what month is it? April is the time for IRS jokes, not the middle of August. Now is the time for gags about family camping trips, using too much lighter fluid and going back to school. Come on, right now you should be telling kids that if they try to pray when they go back to school, liberals will kill and eat them. I know you may have come up with so many good IRS gags that you couldn't fit them all in before tax day, but save them so you can make next April one to remember.


Anonymous Adam said...

I was curious where he got the number of "65 cents for every dollar" because it seems a bit... extreme. I found it here:

"And of course there are the costs of operating the tax system: compliance costs, litigation costs, tax planning distortions, and so on. A few years ago I made an attempt to add up all these burdens. The total was a 65 cent loss for every dollar of taxes collected."

Sounds like a pretty thorough analysis of the issue. (end sarcasm)

1:20 AM  
Blogger Charles Brubaker said...

That "Mallard Fillmore" strip is a rerun. It originally ran in April 12 of this year.

6:36 PM  
Blogger Les said...

I think cartoonists must pay quarterly taxes because in the past when I was paying them, I noticed that one or two cartoons would usually acknowledge the deadline. I think there's a payment due in August.

8:50 PM  
Blogger Matt Gill said...

I can never tell if Mallard Fillmore is a reprint or if he's just repeating himself. How many times has he brought up the kid who had her microphone turned off when she started talking about god during her graduation speach? Maybe it's been eighty times, or maybe it was just one strip that's been re-printed a eighty times. I really couldn't tell you.

11:19 PM  

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