Friday, May 26, 2006

This weekend

Three silent penultimate panels today, all from my own paper

Jump Start by Robb Armstrong (a rare appearance)
Drabble by Kevin Fagen
Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller (working on a streak)

I am heading off to New York today, a strange land where the newspapers don't have comics sections. But that does not mean the work at the watch will stop. In my absence, faithful reader Ugliness Man will take over the daily updates.

I'll be back next week.


Anonymous meep said...

Well, the tabloids have comics sections... just not the "prestige" papers around here, which I find hilarious.

I mean, when I lived in MD, the Washington Post had three pages of daily strips. But the NYTimes can't possibly please the hoi polloi by putting one comic in its pages. Hell, even the Wall Street Journal has a little one panel bit it runs three times a week.

2:17 AM  

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