Friday, December 22, 2006

Prickly City

Only two for this Friday:

Barkeater Lake by Corey Pandolph
Prickly City by guest cartoonist Rob Harrell

Corey Pandolph has decided to resume Barkeater Lake later in January on his own website. As a self-published (and surely irregularly published) comic strip, it will no longer be a candidate for the watch. It will be exciting to see how many SPPs he can squeeze in here in his last few days of eligibility. (Pandolph is also selling signed copies of the first Barkeater Lake collection, order here.)

Guest cartoonists have been filling in on Prickly City as Scott Stantis recovers from rotator cuff surgery (Cartoonists evidently share the same health risks as major league pitchers.) The guests have included Lio's Mark Tatulli, and Pooch Cafe's Paul Gilligan. By reaching out across the comic strip community, it almost suggests that Prickly City is indeed a comic strip first and a conservative mouth-piece second. It's things like this that make Prickly City so immensely more tolerable than Mallard Fillmore.

Christmas pleasantry #4: I don't hate Prickly City like I hate Mallard Fillmore.

And, finally, before I take my Christmas break, I'll leave you with the best Mark Trail panel in a long time.

Happy holidays.


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