Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The All-purpose prefix solution

Another big day, another full week of silent penultimate panels:

The Duplex by Glenn McCoy
The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee by John Hambrock
Hagar the Horrible by Chris Browne
Momma by Mel Lazarus
Monty by Jim Medick (technically, it's not silent--there's music playing--but it still counts.)

Vikings of the New Deal.

Chris Browne, Johnny Hart, Gary Brookins, listen up. It is actually very easy to create parallels to our current world that work believably in your imaginary past and/or animal world. It's called the Hanna-Barbarra All-Purpose Prefix solution.
Here is how the punchline would go in the Flintstones: "Hopefully, Social Rock-curity payments!"

So simple, huh? Please work on it.


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