Monday, April 17, 2006

Chickweed Lane's stretching cat

Two silent penultimate panels today, both from not-in-my-newspaper:
Kudzu by Doug Marlette (thanks to Big Al)
Sherman's Lagoon by Jim Toomey (thanks to the always reliable Ugliness Man)

Since starting this blog I've been reminded of a lot of comics I've long forgotten about. For instance: Kudzu. I haven't seen this one (or even thought of it) since I moved away from my hometown Richmond, VA back in 1998. I'm racking my brain trying to remember what it was all about. There was that preacher guy with the hat, there was that kid, and...what else? I don't know. I probably read this strip nearly every day of my life growing up and it has made entirely zero impact on me. How sad.

I'm not counting Pearls Before Swine today. The silent panel is not a silent reaction panel, it's more of a panel to set up the passage of time. So it's off the watch. (And whenever I do call out PBS, everyone tells me that I'm wrong, anyway.)

And it looks like we have another week of this crap from Chickweed Lane:

I like Chickweed Lane. It's one of the most original and unique things on the comics page. But every few months, Brooke McEldowney gives us a week of the cat stretching and hiding behind the panels. I'm not trying to hate here, but I am curious, do the dedicated Chickweed Lane fans enjoy this? Did you open up the comics page this morning and say, "Yes! It's the cat again! Get me my scissors!" Please let me know. It's possible I'm missing something.


Blogger Matt Guerrero said...

I only like cats who say 'booger' for a week straight.

9:13 PM  
Anonymous scott s said...

Kudzu listed at

I know a number of cat lovers who like those sort of strips. I think its his way of keeping the number of readers up, do a short series that appeals to one segment carries them through something else they've no interest in.

1:04 AM  
Blogger Phillip said...

"Chickweed Lane's stretching cat" = "Brooke McEldowney is on vacation this week."

4:43 AM  
Blogger The Matt said...

I'm interested to see how you handle today's "Pearls" and "Get Fuzzy". I can sort of see an argument for one way or the other. Or a yea for "Fuzzy" but not for "Pearls".

That said, I thought it was kinda funny as I read "Pearls" first then "Get Fuzzy".

8:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get Fuzzy=Lame. Darby Conley, your jokes are bad, anyway, don't go ripping off another strip b/c you've finally come to the conclusion that there's just nothing left for Bucky Katt and Satchel Pooch after over a week of booger, boogie, boozer and the like. I want my 15 seconds back.

9CL: I like the cat; it's well-drawn and seems to have a personality all it's own; a pretty much fully integrated character in the strip. Today's strip just made me squirm, though. At least there could have been a couple members of the family in the strip taking a break from the retarded priest story line to say "hey, where's the cat?" and us the readers say oh, how clever, he's hiding behind the panel!

12:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like Get Fuzzy, but 9 Chickweed Lane is the absolute worst. It's like something I would read if I was constantly on my period.

Nice blog, btw.

9:34 PM  

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