Friday, July 14, 2006

Windows ME

Again, only one silent penultimate panel today:

Overboard by Chip Dunham

This is the first appearance for Overboard since Monday. That's one of it's longest non-appearing streaks in a while. Overboard has been keeping this blog afloat for some time.

In response to Les's comment here about the animated FOOB strips: Yes, it is creepy and weird. It adds nothing and really only distracts. The super hero comic book world has been experimenting with this sort of hybrid comic/animation for a while now, and nothing they've come up with has worked--popping word balloons, audible sound-effects, voice-overs. It all just doesn't work. In 1999 or so, when this whole internet thing was still new and exciting, every web page was just filled moving things and noise. By 2006, we've realized that, just because something is digital, it doesn't have to do tricks. A blogger can just type, he doesn't have to fill up space with animated GIFs. These slightly animated comic strips are just so 1999, so Windows ME, so Web 1.0. Not just creepy, but dated and silly.


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