Thursday, August 03, 2006

The verbose Mallard Fillmore game

One lone silent penultimate panel today:

Red & Rover by Brian Bassett

The panel by itself is kind of hard to read, so here it is context:

And, in a follow up to the silent Mallard Fillmore game, here is a variation:

1. Leave all the words and art intact.
2. Guess what the hell he's complaining about this time:

Is it a rant about public education, a plug for some obscure book, something about gay liberals? Whatever it is, it's a train of thought riding a rail no one else can see or follow.

(incidentally, I was going to make a joke about the book Mallard mentions as being one of those books printed on mimeograph paper with a yellow card-stock cover found in the far corner of a used book store with a giant sun-faded American flag in the window, but then I looked it up on Amazon. It does seem to be a real book, published by a real publisher. In 2001. Way to keep up with the zeitgeist, duck. If you're interested, the book is available used for 19 cents.)


Anonymous bup said...

I really like the idea that the hated 'anonymous' left the other day - show the strip both with and without the SPP.

I add the SPP a lot, because I think it often helps the rhythm - like in a sitcom or movie, where a 'beat' is inserted.

But maybe it is overused. It'd be interesting to see a bunch of strips without it and see if they scan better.

3:04 PM  

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