Thursday, August 10, 2006

Crazy camping dad

Five today, the biggest haul of the week.
Garfield by Paws, Inc.
Luann by Greg Evans
On the Fastrack by Bil Holbrook
Piranha Club by Bud Grace
Zits by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman

It seems that almost every time I put Zits here, I get a comment suggesting I might be wrong. I never really thought much about Zits until I started this blog, but I've slowly realized that it is fairly popular and well-liked. And liked by some of the people I thought would naturally hate it--like real teenagers. Strange. I know I would have hated it as a kid.

Anyway, both Zits and Fox Trot have similar themes this week--gung-ho dad wants his kids to enjoy camping as much as he does.

This is a scenario that has been repeated over and over again at least since the invention of the sitcom. We've seen it so often, we all relate to it as if it was a shared memory of childhood--like the time we took the family trip to Hawaii and found the cursed idol we thought was a good luck charm.

The "crazy camping dad" is just a myth. It never happened to you or me or anyone else we know, but it's in two comic strips at the same time this week and is probably happening right now in whatever show is on the Disney Channel at the moment.


Blogger uglinessman said...

Without a doubt, my favourite crazy camping dad story of all time was in the early years of Calvin and Hobbes.

11:45 PM  
Anonymous gloriouskyle said...

I've always been surprised by people who supposedly enjoy reading Zits too.
Those have to be some of the frumpiest, dumpiest, character designs anywhere - and I find any given punchline from the strip could easily be replaced with a picture of his parents shrugging smugly saying "He's a teenager!" and work just as well.
Maybe with a goofy music cue like they used to do on "Laugh In"...

7:28 AM  
Anonymous pelagius said...

You're including Zits, so I have to tell you YOU'RE WRONG. My "crazy camping dad" was very keen on a family cabin, much like Mr. Zits here. My mom hated/hates it for its rusticity (i.e. bats, mice, bugs), despite the fact that it's her family's cabin. However, the comparison breaks down when it comes to Jeremy. We kids all loved the place.

10:43 AM  
Blogger yellojkt said...

You probably don't follow it since it's a pretty obscure strip, but The Meaning of Lila has a SPP today. And even better, one of the characters is having an orgasm in it.

11:40 AM  

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