Monday, September 04, 2006

Andy Capp

Two silent penultimate panels for this Labor Day Monday:

Andy Capp by Roger Mahoney and Roger Kettle
On the Fastrack by Bill Holbrook

The awkward pause is such a comedy cliche today, you can't watch a sit-com or a beer commercial without seeing one. It's become so integral to the way we tell jokes some have forgotten how to be funny without them.

Today's Sally Forth tries to make a gag out of nothing but an awkward pause.

Not funny.

Today's Andy Capp uses an awkward pause that just doesn't happen anywhere except in the universe of forced comedy--right in the middle of a person's thoughts.

Not funny.

There are just too many other ways to be funny to only use this trick.


Blogger Kent said...

I wonder if the comedic pause doesnt work in written comedy genres as well as in spoken? Was that your point? If so I am glad I "got it" LOL Or are there instances when it does work in written form?

5:24 AM  

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