Thursday, September 14, 2006


The conservative comic strips are taking over the watch. Just one silent penultimate panel today:

Prickly City by Scott Stantis

Is this nit-picky? I'm not sure. But, when it comes to alien design, this Saturnian is pretty lame.

Why would a creature wear a shirt with a picture of his home planet on it? A being from Saturn would be no more likely to have a ring around his head than an Earthling would be covered in tiny clouds. This guy looks like a cheap, hastily-made background muppet used to fill out a muppet crowd scene.


Blogger uglinessman said...

I think the whole point is that he's not just a guy from Saturn, but he is Saturn. The guy in the first panel confuses the issue by calling him an ambassador from Saturn, but then the woman points out that Saturn is proud of its moons. During this whole planetary conference story arc, the figures involved are meant to simultaneously represent both planetary ambassadors, and the planets themselves, so the over-the-top cartoony drawings are supposed to be "what would this planet look like as a person?"

But I completely agree with you on the t-shirt issue, it reminds me of Halowe'en when I was a kid, and the store-bought costumes had pictures of the person you were supposed to be on the chest... "if I'm going to dress up like Spider-Man, why would I want a picture of Spider-Man on my shirt?"

1:13 AM  
Blogger uglinessman said...

hrm... my HTML got mangled for some reason on that last comment, and editing comments isn't an available option... that was supposed to read "he's not just a guy from Saturn, but he is Saturn", with "from" and "is" in italics... (these Blogger interfaces have been giving me major HTML headaches lately).

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