Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A tangent

We're seeing the same flood/trickle pattern as last week. Strange.

The Duplex by Glenn McCoy

Speaking of anachronisms:

How long until every one has forgotten what a record store (and it's obnoxious clerk) is? I still by CDs, but only because I am DRM-phobic. (It comes with the territory as a Linux user.) That's just me. For most of the world, little discs with music on them are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Oh, and about the punchline, (let me get my snotty-music-afficianado hat on,) I wouldn't call Kevin Federline difficult listening; difficult listening would be something like Shostakovich. For me, K-Fed and Kenny G are in the same category: non-listening music. They just sort of take up aural space and don't do anything--perfect for people who love carrying around an iPod but don't really care for music. ...Ahem. I'm sorry. I'll get off this tangent. I'll just shut up and go listen to some krautrock now.


Blogger Brian said...

I still buy CDs, but I buy them from For brick and morter stores, the only place around here that sells them are Wall-Mart (complete with censorship) or one of those horrid mall-places that charge 18+ per CD, so for me, the snooty record store clerk is a thing of the past.

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