Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Nothing but Cathy to talk about

Things have been slow on the SPP front since I returned from my time off. Another apparent shut out today.

So, for the most part I just ignore Cathy, my eyes pass over just long enough to see if the next-to-last panel has a word balloon in it. Have these abstract shapes been going on all along?

It's like they're living in the Sea of Holes with Jeremy Boob. But I doubt Cathy will ever save Pepperland.


Blogger Scanman said...

The effect looks like it represents an electric duo fart

6:42 AM  
Blogger mr. pants said...

the shapes i think have been going on for a while. Although i've never been a fan of Cathy, I do tend to read the ENTIRE comics section (even family circus, which always ends up ruining my morning). The shapes are a terrible artistic and compositional choice, but it's not like Cathy was ever anywhere near a pinnacle of culture, sequential or otherwise.


3:19 PM  

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