Sunday, March 26, 2006

Boondocks leaves for vacation

Just two today in print:

Before taking six months off, Aaron McGruder and company say farewell with a silent double. We at the watch will certainly miss their contributions to this blog. And Darin Bell gives us almost the exact same silent panel as last Sunday.

CM comes through with a couple from other papers:
Sally Forth by Steve Alaniz, Francesco Marciuliano, and Craig MacIntosh (There's no Sunday Sally in the L.A. Times. And I never noticed its absence until today.)
Sherman's Lagoon by Jim Tooney

Thanks again, CM.

The L.A. Times has not announced what their plans are for the Boondocks sabbatical. (Unless I missed the announcement.) I certainly hope we get a new strip and not Boondocks reprints from the past. I just don't think jokes about the 2000 primaries will really matter right now.


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