Sunday, March 04, 2007

A good year

Yes, my work here is done. Only one silent penultimate panel for Sunday.

The Meaning of Lila by John Forgetta and L.A. Rose

The L.A. Times shook up their Sunday comics sections today. They expanded the kids section in Comics I to two pages and moved a couple of less kid-friendly strips to Comics II. What it all amounts to is that they have one-half page less of comics. And it looks like they took a "fair and balanced" approach to what to drop. Gone now from the Sunday comics are Candorville and Mallard Fillmore.

Honestly, I didn't notice the lack of Mallard Fillmore at first. But at some point this afternoon I realized that somewhere in the back of my brain, a normal prick of annoyance was missing. I wasn't doing anything special, but it seemed like a better Sunday than normal. I mentally went through my morning and realized what it was, Mallard Fillmore, that little prick, was nowhere to be found.

And this is my last daily update. I'll be posting here once a week on Sundays from now on. It's been a productive year, I think we've accomplished a lot. Thanks for your steady readership. I would not have been as dedicated if I didn't know you were out there.

And now I would like to introduce my new daily blog...
Ta-da-da-da <---that's a trumpet fanfare

Today's Rock Stars:
The Rock Star Metaphor Watch.

I hope you enjoy it.